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Family-Owned Pet Food Company Since 1869

Moyer & Son, Inc. is a family owned-business that has been an integral part of the community in Souderton, Pennsylvania since 1869.

Moyer purchased the Scarlett Seed company,  which was located in the inner harbor of Baltimore, Maryland in the early 1980s. Scarlett Company, in operation since 1896,  sold germinating seeds, wild bird seeds, and domestic bird foods. In 1985 Moyer sold the germinating seed division and moved the production of the wild bird and companion bird feed to their home facility in Souderton.

Today, tons of quality Scarlett companion bird, wild bird, and small animal feeds are produced daily and shipped to a variety of retail outlets including specialty pet stores, farm, and feed stores, lawn & garden centers, and the company’s retail outlet, The Store at Moyer Indoor|Outdoor. The Pet & Animal Feeds Division also produces Purgrain Pigeon Feed.

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